Windows Operating system 35 years

Windows is one among the foremost popular and widely used operating systems within the world. This important discovery of Microsoft completes 35 years of its journey. 35 years ago, Microsoft revolutionized the planet of Windows 1.0 technology.
It was the primary Windows platform within the computer world; Which changes the planning of the pc . Computers invented before 1975 were quite complex for users to use. However, Windows 1.0 was launched by Microsoft on November 20, 1988, although many of the present generation might not have the experience to run that version of Windows

According to a report, the primary edition did not gain much confidence from critics. Windows 1.0, however, isn’t an entire OS . the primary graphical OS for Windows 1.0 users.

People have always been curious about graphics. With this in mind, Microsoft brings their disk OS , DOS, also as Windows OS . Needless to mention , computer users at an equivalent time supported Microsoft’s new initiative. Last Friday marked the 35th anniversary of that landmark day.

In this way Windows users have seen Windows 95, Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows ME, Windows 7, 8 and 10 not every version of Windows is equally successful. But people have always welcomed the OS .

Windows is currently running on one billion devices worldwide. Microsoft’s OS could dominate the private computer world. the number of users may increase further within the future. because the use of traditional mobile computers grows, devices like mobiles or tablets aren’t lost within the crowd.

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