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If you are a Telegram Messenger user, I hope you don’t have to re-tell me what Telegram Bots is and what it does. If you are a Telegram user, you must know that one of the features of Telegram Messenger is the thousands of bots on this platform that help you to do different types of work more easily and make your internet experience a little easier. And if you don’t know about Telegram Messenger yet, you may want to read this article . However, without further ado, let’s talk about the bots directly.


If you have a disease like forgetting everything like me, then this bot will be perfect for you. This is basically a task reminder app. This bot has only one function. Using it you can set the task reminder you want and get notifications for tasks in a timely manner. The bot is also very easy to use. To use, you just need to search by typing @skeddy and add the bot to your telegram contact.

You can then set your reminder by sending a message to this bot. However, before setting the reminder you need to adjust the time zone so that you can get the reminder at the right time. All these instructions will be given to you after adding the bot. So it is hoped that there will be no problem in understanding.

File to Bot

The job of this bot is file sharing. This bot allows users to upload unlimited files to their cloud storage and share them with other users. Yes, you can share files directly on Telegram, but you can’t share files of unlimited size. You can share files up to a maximum of 2 GB.

However, if you use this bot, you can upload and share files of any size and any type. In addition, you can share these files outside of Telegram through link sharing. This bot is also very easy to use. All you have to do is search by typing @filetobot and add the bot to your telegram contact.

Get Media Bot

As the name suggests, this bot will help you get different types of media on the Internet. That means it acts as a direct media downloader. However, not any media, some types of media you can download using this bot. The media that you can download using this bot are-

  • Download Music
  • Download Video
  • Search Lyrics
  • Download Instagram Story
  • Direct Download Media

Using the Direct Download feature, you can download any media from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud. To download the file, you just need to search the file by typing the query or just share the link of the file with the bot. To add a bot to Telegram , just type @getmediabot and add it to your Telegram contact.

Feed Reader Bot

You can understand the work of this bot by hearing its name. You can use this bot as an RSS feed reader, which we can do using the Feedly app. However, if you want to read the feed of a blog or website inside Telegram, you can read it using this bot. All you have to do is share and subscribe to the RSS feed link of your desired website with Just Bot.

This bot will automatically notify you of all new updates to this blog in the Telegram inbox. As a result, you don’t have to visit your website and read them using more data. Not only blog websites, you can also use this bot to subscribe to any YouTube channel and Twitter account feed if you want. To add this bot manually, type @feedreaderbot and search in Telegram.


There is a lot of similarity between the name and the work of this bot. This bot will let you play games with your telegram contacts. No, no multiplayer shooter games or anything like that, you can just play small fun mini-games using this bot. However, to play games using this bot, you must play from a mobile device. To use the bot you just need to search by typing @gamebot and add the bot to your telegram contact. Start the bot by clicking on the Play With Friends option and selecting the name of the friend, you can invite them to play with you. Using this bot you can play a few small fun games. E.g.

  • Math Battle: Yes or No questions based on Maths Quizzes.
  • Corsairs: You have to dodge cannonballs to get to the next level.
  • LumberJack Bot: You have to chop wood and save yourself from branches to touch.

Sticker Download Bot

Those who use Telegram know that Telegram stickers are more beautiful and unique design than other messaging apps. However, these stickers can only be used on telegrams. But by using this bot you can download these stickers of Telegram locally in JPG, PNG or Webp format and also use it in other messengers.

Yes, of course you won’t get integration like Telegram and you won’t get smooth animation, but you can use it if you want. If you want, you can also download a complete sticker pack as a zip file and share it with anyone you want. To add the bot manually, type ickstickerdownloadbot and search the telegram to add the bot.

Url Shortener Bot

I don’t think I need to say more about this bot after writing the name. However, using this bot you can quickly shorten any URL. To use, you just need to send the bot your long URL. The bot will then shorten your URT to reply.

Like a URL shortener, I don’t know if there is a way easier and quicker than this bot. But yes, its functionality is very limited. This will only shorten your URL. This bot will not show you the visitor count of the URL or any such analytics. To add the bot, type @urlshortenerbot and search the telegram.

Meme Auto Bot

This is the last of my list and personally my favorite telegram bot. Using this bot you can manually create mimes. Making memes has been taken to the highest level using this telegram bot. To create a meme you just need to send the meme template to this bot. Send the meme image, send the text you want to put in the top text, and send the text you want to see in the bottom text.

Then within a maximum of 20 seconds, the bot will generate your desired meme. I don’t know if it could be easier to make a meme. To use this bot just like the others, just type @memeautobot, search by telegram, and add.

Here I talked about just a few telegram bots. There are many more telegram bots that are just as functional and fun as these. Some more telegram bots will be discussed one day. I am ending here like today. As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to let us know in the comments section of the post.

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