1 . What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that the best process of driving the online traffic to an internet site organically and improve the visibility of the website within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). To sustain improvement in ranking, there’s no alternative to SEO for an internet site.
The paid advertisement gives the results only you pay and therefore the payment increases with time. Once you stop paying, the positive results disappear. SEO makes sustained visibility and provides positive results for while.

2 . Do I even have an excellent prospect after learning SEO?
Yes, truly there’s an impressive prospect expecting you after completing the training. There are tons of jobs available within the marketplace for SEO professionals. you’re also ready to compete for the regular SEO-related jobs within the online job portals.
Accepting freelancing as a career may be a bit challenging. But once you get the exposure the income is large compared with the regular 9 to five jobs.

3 . How am I able to use the SEO skill as an Entrepreneur?

SEO is extremely much useful for an entrepreneur. Scope of SEO is even larger than someone doing SEO for others.
If you own a little business or online store, SEO is that the perfect thanks to bringing business towards you thru the main search and allows you to take the chance by yourselves to expand your business. If you’re thinking of an Amazon affiliate or have an affiliate website, you’ll boost your sale by using the SEO technique.

4 . Do I even have to be a coder or should I learn to code for being an SEO expert?
Learning coding or being a coder isn’t mandatory for being an SEO expert. you’ll easily do great as an SEO professional even without knowing the fundamentals of coding. However, knowing the fundamentals of coding are often a touch plus.

5 . How much I can earn after completing the simplest SEO training in Bangladesh?

This answer depends on where you’ll invest your expertise. If you employ it as an entrepreneur, you want to get a bumper boost in your business. Again, if you would like a contract career, you’ll not face difficulty in starting the freelance career and therefore the amount will depend upon how intelligently, you employ the imparted SEO skill.

6 . How the SEO course is conducted?
The best online SEO course in Bangladesh is conducted online and you’ll complete the course by using the web Skype platform. you ought to have a typical webcam on your PC or laptop and an uninterrupted internet connection.

7 . Do I buy any supporting material after this course?
Of course, you’ll get some guidance documents and web links during and after completion of the simplest SEO training in Bangladesh. Moreover, you’ll get lifetime support from the simplest SEO trainer of Bangladesh Md Faruk Khan, and therefore the other trainers.
However, you’ll not get any video copy of the course.

8 . Do I buy any technical support after completion of the course?
This is the foremost attractive part of this SEO course. Definitely, you’ll get technical support if you’re in some problem after completion of the course. Md Faruk Khan and other trainers will assist you till they’re within the relevant field.

9 . After completing the course, if I don’t prefer doing SEO for my site, does one offer an SEO service?
Assume, you recognize that the trainers give the training after gathering many experiences. because the team and therefore the lead trainer has hands-on experience in doing SEO for thousands of national and international websites, we will roll in the hay for you just for the quality charge.

10 . What is Local SEO?
Local SEO is significant for improving the local business visibility in GPS-based search. it’s particularly important for the local or small business owner to urge more business from online.
In the youth, the local business owner suffers tons for getting an honest position in SERPs after competing with the enormous bards, and sometimes the results don’t make the great conversion. But recent days Google emphasized GPS-oriented or local search which provides the tiny business a high chance to enhance their business status and expand more.

11 . How does SEO/local SEO improve my business?
For increasing your business website global visibility SEO is employed while getting your local business in Google 3 Pack local SEO is employed.
Once your website becomes more visible for targeted keywords, you’ll get a better opportunity for converting organic traffic to your customers. As a result, your business will improve.

12 . Can I do SEO without having a website?
Sound silly but actually, you’ll apply SEO without having an internet site. Two quite common examples are the Social Media Page and native business page. you’ll apply SEO to bring the social media page and native business page within the higher position of SERPs. seniority in SERPs is advantageous in bringing business.

13 . Once my site climbs at height, should I invest continuously in SEO?
Sounds logical but you ought to invest a touch maintenance charge in SEO as it’s not a static process. you’ll get a sustained rank needless to say but not a permanent position. Within a couple of months, the main search engines updated their algorithm and within a couple of days, there are fine tunes within the logic. Therefore, you’ll have the position for a couple of months but not permanent.

14 . What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
The affiliate may be a real art of selling where you’ll be a seller without having a product for your own and can’t be liable for the merchandise manufacturer defect. But you’ll get a purchase share for every unit product sold through you to a customer.
In Amazon affiliate marketing, the enormous e-commerce Amazon sold the merchandise to customer and you’ve got to tug the customer to Amazon. Once a customer buys something from Amazon after you send him there, Amazon will provide a percentage of the entire sale to you.

How much am I able to income from Affiliate Marketing and therefore the duration to start?
All the newbies have an equivalent question. The income depends on the niche you’ve got selected, the traffic you send to the affiliation, and therefore the rate of conversion.
Again, affiliate marketing may be a way of passive income. Therefore, you’ve got to attend long for getting good feedback from the affiliate site. However, the primary income is often started with a month of launching the affiliate website.

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