Tools for Web Designers/Developers

very Useful Tools for Web Designer/Developer Hi dear, how are you? hopefully, all are fine. I am ok. Today I am going to share some very useful tools for web designers & web developers. All we know when we get any work order from our respective buyer. We are bounded by time. The buyer paid us for my working period as per the time record. So, we have some urgency to finished the work properly in time.

14 useful tools to make the life of a web designer tools. 

1.Typetester – This allows you to easily change your font size, color, background color, etc. to see what it looks like.

  1. pForm -Easily create aesthetic PHP forms for you.
    3. ColourLovers(http://www.colourlovers.com/palettes/add) – This site will take the responsibility of choosing the color of the site
    4. Firebug(http://www.getfirebug.com/) – CSS, HTML, and JavaScript It works great for writing code and correcting mistakes.
  2. Em Calculator(http://riddle.pl/emcalc/) – It will give the font size em value.
    6. Browser Shots(http://browsershots.org/) – What will your site look like in different browsers? That will tell, Browser Shots
    7. Icon Finder(http://www.iconfinder.net/) – Give it a day with today’s responsibilities
    8. MeasureIt(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/539) – Firefox plugin, will tell the number of pixels on the screen
    9.Pingdom(http://tools.pingdom.com/) – Of any site HTML, images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash ফাইল and frames/iframes It will tell the size. You can also download.
    10. Test Everything(http://tester.jonasjohn.de/) – Test Everything does not have a jury to test more than 100 validations.
    11. CSS Sprite Generator(http://spritegen.website-performance.org/) – Use to merge images, CSS Sprite Generator
    12. Domainr(http://domai.nr/) – Finding beautiful domain names Domainr
    13. Font Burner(http://www.fontburner.com/) – Whether the font is on the user’s computer or not. You can set more than 1000 fonts on your site using the code given by them.
    14. Smush.It(http://smush.it/) – Good quality image editing will do the job Smush. It

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