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How Amazon was created

Jeff Bezos, the founder of US e-commerce giant Amazon, recently resigned as chief executive. Andy Jesse joins Amazon Web Services after Jeff Bezos.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world. The company started its business through online book retailers. The Amazon company later built a huge empire of home delivery, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and movies and sports. How will this great empire of Amazon come online?

In 2016, Amazon was the second most profitable company after Apple. In the same year, Amazon’s revenue was one trillion dollars. Amazon is currently the third most profitable company after Apple and Microsoft.

In 2020, Amazon’s revenue is 36 billion dollars. A year ago, the company’s revenue was ৮ 260 billion. Amazon’s net profit is about  21 billion USD.

The success of Jeff Bezos has helped the company continue to make a profit. Amazon’s video streaming services and devices, cloud services, and glossaries are now competing with tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, and Netflix.

1995: Amazon launches online books

Jeff Bezos said in 1999, “When we started selling books online four years ago, others said we were just computer guys. We don’t know anything about books. No.

The Amazon company has shown a lot of success in the online sales segment in the United States. The company has a reputation for e-books. In the late nineties, Amazon decided to sell other products online through DVD sales. Through this, Jeff Bezos ’online empire was filled with electronics and other materials.

2005: Amazon launches Prime

Since building a small business platform on the market since 2000, they have felt the need to promote their distribution service. With this in mind, Amazon Prime launched in 2005. Amazon is the second-highest paid membership activity in the world.

When e-books became popular, Amazon launched an e-book product. The e-book product The Kindle was launched in 2006. The Kindle has been competing with Apple and Google since 2010. Amazon is the first company to start selling the smart device Alexa. Amazon is currently the third-largest smart device seller in the United States.

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