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An iPhone manufacturing center has opened in India

Pegatron Corporation is the world’s second-largest contract electronics maker and Apple Inc. One of its leading suppliers. The Taiwan-based company has leased 50,000 square feet of space in an industrial park in Chennai to start manufacturing iPhones in India. The whole of it will be used to make various Apple products.

Foxconn and Pegatron are Apple’s top two technology companies. Although both companies are based in Taiwan, they have been making iPhones and other Apple devices under contract in Chinese factories. But trade relations between the United States and China are not going well. Under these circumstances, Foxconn and Pegatron are under pressure to produce Apple products in China. So as part of the new plan, Pegatron announced plans to invest 1.5 billion in India last November.

Meanwhile, several important companies including Nokia Corporation, Samsung, Lenovo Group Limited, Motorola, and Foxconn have become a major mobile device manufacturing hub in Tamil Nadu, India, launching their own mobile device manufacturing hub in Chennai. If Apple is added now, it will become unique.

Pegatron was registered in July last year to set up a factory in India. Pegatron’s Indian plant will start production in full force in the second half of this year or early next year. They have plans to invest more in India in the next two years.


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