One cannot imagine an operating system without apps. Technically speaking, apps are the lifeblood of an operating system. An operating system has a variety of apps for different tasks. Browser apps for browsing the net, music player apps for listening to music, Microsoft Word or Google Doc for editing documents, photo editor apps for editing photos, and thousands of apps for hundreds of such tasks in one operating system.

And if the operating system is Android, then no matter, you will find at least 100 different Android apps for the same work in the Play Store. Anyway, I will share 5 more Android apps that may be necessary for you or me.


It is a third-party app store for Android, just like the Google Play Store. You can download all the apps from this store in Google Play Store. But yes, this is not a black market that any paid app will give you for free. You can download and install the free apps that you will find in the Play Store.

Again, you will find the latest version of each app in this store. Sometimes the latest version of many apps is a little late to be available in the Google Play Store. However, in AuroraStore you will always get the latest version of all the apps very quickly. The difference between this store and other third-party Android app download websites is that the At Native app and its app downloads and installations are just like the Google Play Store. Its download speed is also good enough.

Now you might ask, why would you use this store to have a Play Store? This is because in this store you will find many more extra features that you will never find in the Google Play Store. For example, if you want, you can download apps that are not available in the Play Store by spoofing the location from the settings of this store, and if you want, you can also download apps that are not available for your device by spoofing device info (although in most cases if you download the app by spoofing the device) You cannot install apps.

And if your phone does not have the support of Google Services (Huawei!), Then you can not use the Play Store. In that case, you can use this store as the best alternative to the Play Store. And the user interface of this app is also very nice and at the same time completely free. As Already thinks, you will not find this app in the Google Play Store. You can download the store from the official website of AuroraStore.


This is a torrent search engine. For those who use torrents every day and whose only reliance is on torrent websites for any kind of paid content, in my opinion, this is one of the best apps. This is not just another torrent website. In the search engine on the main page of this app, you just have to search by typing the name of your desired torrent. This app will then find the search results for the content you need from various torrent websites. Which torrent has been fetched from which website and which torrent has seeder and leecher at that moment will also be shown along with the search results so that you can easily decide which torrent you will download?


However, this is not a torrent downloader By clicking on the torrent that will be shown to you in the search results, you can directly copy the torrent’s magnet download link, which you can start the download by pasting it into the torrent downloader app of your choice. In addition to the download link, you will find some more options, which are not very important. And yes, the better thing is, the user interface of this app is also very nice and modern. And this app is also completely ad-free. In my opinion, this is a must-have app for torrent-freaks.

Borno Keyboard

This app is a Bengali typing keyboard app made by a local developer. This app is quite popular at-this-point. However, for those who do not know, I added this app to today’s list. We have always been using Rhythmic Keyboard to write Bangla on Android. This keyboard, like the Rhythmic Keyboard, allows you to type in Bangla in phonetics and some other traditional layouts. Keyboard suggestions and auto-correction for writing Bangla are exactly like rhythmic keyboards. However, the good thing about this app is that its user interface is much better and more modern than the rhythmic keyboard.


Its user interface is a lot like Google Keyboard or Keyboard, which is preferred by most Android users. The fonts on this keyboard are also nice to look at because of the use of Solaimanlipi fonts in the autocorrection entry and suggestion strip. And yes, in this keyboard settings there is an opportunity to customize the keyboard to your liking which is a bit limited even if it is on a rhythmic keyboard. And this keyboard also has some pre-defined color accents and themes that are quite beautiful. Although it is a little difficult to adjust the first few days when you move from the rhythmic keyboard, once you get used to it, I hope you will be able to type faster than the rhythmic keyboard using this keyboard. Even if you don’t use it regularly, you can try this keyboard at least to support local developers.


You could call it a web browser, but a slightly different type of web browser. Using this app, you can use any large-scale web application like a native app on your phone, but being a web app, the apps will use much fewer resources than the native app and will drain much less battery. If your phone is a flagship, you may not need this tool. If your phone is a bit old and a bit slow, then this app may be useful for you. For example, the official Android app of Facebook is a very heavy and resource-hungry app. A lot of storage is also needed to run this app well.


If you are a very casual and casual Facebook user, then maybe you don’t need to have this Facebook app installed. In such a situation, you can use the mobile website/web app of Facebook as a native web app with thE Help of Hermit. Not only that, you can add some extra features with the help of this tool which is not officially available in the mobile version of Facebook. E.g., Dark mode. You can also use an ad-blocker and popup blocker if you want. Facebook is just an example. You can easily use many more web apps using Hermit. And if you want, you can add a web app by entering a custom address.


This is a weather and forecast app. Those who are already fans of the design and simple user interface of the weather app Dark Sky will love this weather app. As many know, the app has been discontinued for the Android platform after Dark Sky was bought by Apple. If you like the Dark Sky app, you should definitely try this weather app, as it is inspired by Dark Sky’s design and user experience.


Here you can see the live temperature of your location as well as wind speed, sky conditions, and minute-by-minute weather predictions. All the features that you or I expect in a feature-packed weather app have been implemented in this app. But the best feature of this app is that here you can add some of your expected daily activities or sports activities. For example, if you set your Expected Activity Running, the app will tell you in advance the best time of the day for you to run based on the weather condition. There are many more features in this app that you don’t usually find in all other weather apps


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