1. Ad Format and Functionality

Please make sure that your ad format complies with the subsequent guidelines:

  • All images and videos must be legible and of high resolution.
  • The animation is merely permitted in videos.
  • Creatives shouldn’t interfere with the legibility of ad templates.
  • Sponsored Brands must be 728×90, 800×90, 300×250, 160×600, 245×135 or 900×45. Please ask Sponsored Brands Video guidelines.
  1. Content requirements

The following content requirements apply to all or any elements of your ads: headline text, brand logo, images, video, and advertised ASIN images.

Your ads must need General requirements :

  • Be suitable for a general audience.
  • Accurately reflect the content of the landing page.
  • Be within the primary language of the Amazon site on which the ads is displayed.
  • Be clear and accurate in order that customers receive correct information before engaging with a billboard or deciding to get a product.
  • Only promote products that you simply either own or are authorized to resell or distribute.
  1. Prohibited content

Amazon trademarks, products, or references to Amazon products or services. Accurate references for compatibility purposes, like “Works with Alexa,” are permitted, provided the primary product is positioned first within the headline, featured prominently in any image or video, and Amazon products are mentioned correctly.

  1. Amazon programs

If you ask to Subscribe & Save in your headline to spotlight your eligible products, you want to use the first unadjusted name or logo related to the program. We don’t permit customized or abridged references or logos.
The products displayed within the ad should be eligible for the program and therefore the ad should cause a landing page that contains only eligible products

  1. ASIN images

Your showcased ASIN images in your ads must suit our policies :

We require the presence of your brand logo in your Sponsored Brands ad so that customers can identify you because of the advertiser. because the brand logo could even be used for a selection of varied ad formats it is vital that your logo meets the below guidelines. If you’re doing not have a brand logo that meets the next conditions, you need to believe in using Sponsored Products as an alternate.

The logo must be your brand’s registered logo and not of the brand you’re promoting unless you have the proper to use the promoted brand’s logo. Brand Logos must:

Brand logos must not get on a complicated graphical background and must be visually appealing. Logos cannot:

Entertainment and Book advertisers also can use the below, provided these images can also be found on the merchandise packaging, product detail page, or author page.

  1. Call to action (CTA)

We recommend the utilization of a CTA in your ad to enhance your ad’s performance, but the presence of a CTA isn’t required.

  1. Claims and substantiations

Advertising claims in your ads must be truthful and accurate. you want to have evidence in support of your advertising claims. If you create a claim in your ad copy, that claim must not be contradicted on the merchandise detail page.

  1. Custom images
  • Custom images allow you to incorporate compelling images that represent your products or brand in context or a life-style setting in your ad. Images must not contradict the landing page and must be of high resolution and quality and aesthetically pleasing. Images must not:
  • Be an individual or multiple product images on a solid or transparent background.
  • Be a private brand logo or combination of logos.
  • Be one among your selected product images.
  • Contain crowded, excessive, poorly cropped, or illegible elements.
  • Contain additional text aside from text naturally present within the image (such as on product packaging).
  • Contain letterbox or pillar box formats.
  1. Headlines

Headlines must be relevant to the merchandise advertised.  To uphold a high-quality creative bar for your ads, Amazon recommends that the Headline is in sentence case. you ought to only capitalize the primary word during a sentence, any proper nouns, or trademarks (including official brand names, product models, or slogans).

  1. Keyword and Product Targeting

The keywords or products targeted in your Ads must be relevant to the merchandise being promoted. Ads must not target keywords or products that would end in an offensive, insensitive, or undesirable shopper experience.

  1. Optimized ads

If you decide on “Optimize your ads” to point out products from your landing page most relevant to the consumer search, you want to ensure your headline doesn’t mention specific products. Headlines must be kept general so shoppers understand your ad regardless of which of your products display.

  1. Promotional and holiday messaging

The use of promotional messaging must suit the subsequent requirements:

  1. Store Spotlight

Store spotlight for Sponsored Brand ads allows you to spotlight three individual pages from your Store where shoppers can discover different product collections.

To use Store spotlight you want to have a Store with a minimum of three sub-pages, additionally to the homepage.

If you are doing not yet have a Store, you’ll find out how to quickly set one over here.

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