Which site should be in the keyword search engine will be an on-page optimization for the event. And you know the best time to practice on-page optimization. Incomplete time targets do not exclude on-page optimization points so I made a checklist for women running. Asha students informed the list-based hope during the project.

Post Title: The title of an article makes an article come alive. In order to make the article interesting, the title of the post should be given a lot of importance. The title should be written in such a way that the reader is attracted to the article, wants to read it, and wants to share it on social networking sites. And to get SEO value, the title has to be within 70 characters. And try to insert your keyword in the title. It has a little more advantage than competing sites. Make sure that the “STOP Word” does not appear in the post title.

Meta Description Tag: The meta description should be written in such a way that the visitor gets a good idea of ​​your post from the result page in the search engine. And the meta description tag you put within 155 to 180 characters. Of course, don’t copy-paste content from meta description tags. Try writing the whole post in a short 160 characters. No quotations or non-alphabetical characters should be used in meta description tags. The meta description tag should be dominated by the original keyword.

Meta Keyword Tags: There was a time when meta keyword tags were very important in search engines. Some recent Google updates have made meta keyword tags almost worthless. Even if we don’t give much importance to this issue now. Many use more and more meta keywords. There is no way it can be done! Be careful !! However, you can use one to two meta keywords if you want, but it must be consistent with the post.

Before writing content: Google’s latest Panda update has focused on content. Site content must be unique and consistent with the site. If you have more than one page and the content of those pages is the same, you will definitely be penalized. Remember, do not write content to please search engines. Write with your desired visitor in mind so that he benefits. Keep the content simple and straightforward so that visitors can easily understand. Make sure the content is longer than 450 words.

Keyword Density: Use of targeted keywords in the content should be increased. Targeted keywords will be 1.5 to 2 percent of the total characters in the content. In other words, if you have a content of 500 words, then you have to put the keyword (500 * 1.5 / 100 = 7.5) 6 or 7 times in different places of the post.

Header tags: Header tags must be used in writing. Using these <H2> and <H3> tags in various important lines or titles inside the post, you can highlight the targeted keywords to the search engines. Therefore, the presence of keywords in these tags is essential. Using additional header tags falls into the category of spamming. Therefore, do not use more than 2 <H2> and 2 <H3> tags.

Internal / External links: There is a need to increase the number of internal links. Because the internal link will increase the link juice of the site, there is no pair of internal links to increase the page rank of the site. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that internal linking should be done keeping in mind that your visitors can know more details about the subject. I mean, you’re writing about a Mercedes-Benz C class car. Now you can do internal linking of some relevant content for Mercedes Benz cars. Do not do any internal linking to non-relevant (e.g. Labor-Management!) Posts here. And as for the external link, the less the external link, the better. Be sure to use the no-fly HTML code in the external link.

Pictures: You need to be a little careful in using pictures. Do not use anyone’s copyrighted image. After uploading the image, use Image ALT Tag in it. What the picture about needs to be explained in a few words.

Bold / Italic: Bold the important parts of the post in italics from time to time. So that you can attract the attention of the visitors. Remember that using too bold and italic is tantamount to spamming.

Permalink: The permalink of the post is very important. It is better to have permalink structure% post name%. However, if the permalink becomes too big when publishing the post, then edit it before publishing it and make it smaller. Be careful not to lose the link.


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